Volunteering: The Heartbeat of our Organization

The Heartbeat of our organization! Buffalo-Niagara Honor Flight would not be successful without the generous support of our Volunteers. Duties may include assisting the veterans at the airport from preflight and making the “Welcome Home Heroes” post flight arrival a great memorable experience for the returning Veterans. And of course everything in between.

We Need Your Help!

Volunteer Opportunities

Administrative Assistance:

Possible opportunities to assist with; Newsletter content, mailings, thank you notes.

Information Booths:

Periodically BNHF is invited to have an information table at Veteran outreach events. We hand out applications, encourage veterans to apply to go on a trip and explain the Honor Flight mission.

Speaker Presentations:

As part of our outreach goal for getting more local veterans to apply for flights, we present an informational video and answer questions about procedure for applying to go on a trip and answer any questions the audience may have. This outreach includes senior centers, veteran-related organizations, community based service clubs and schools

Event Planning:

Events to support past present and future BNHF veterans may include Meet and greet, picnics, golf tournament, and requests for drive-by parades


BNHF is a 100% volunteer organization that is funded solely by donations and sponsorships. We are only successful if we have a dedicated army of volunteers to help us seek support from the community. Fundraising can be small or large events depending on the organizer! Applications to host a BNHF fundraiser should be completed at least 30 days before the planned event or publicity about the event. 

Meet and Greet Volunteer:

Help us welcome the soon to be BNHF veterans going on a flight. At this event held about 2 weeks before the veterans scheduled flight. They are invited to a celebration complete with receiving their BNHF shirt and hat, SWAG bag and they attend with their guardian/travel buddy. Information about what to expect on the flight day is given and instructions are also given to the veteran-nominated guardians. While the guardians are getting their duties and how-tos, volunteers can visit with the veterans and learn more about their time in the military and pass out pieces of cake to the veterans.


Help us to photograph our veterans at the Meet and Greet as well as at any of our events and share them complimentary with the organization and the veterans .  At times, we may need a dedicated photographer for events and/or BNHF trips.

Check-in Assistance (Preflight):

Do you like to get up early? On flight day at O dark early; the veterans and their guardians need to check in and receive their boarding passes and snack bags before getting on the bus to the airport and need volunteers to assist. This event occurs inside at a predetermined location suitable for leaving cars in the parking lot.

Grant Writing:

Help us to secure funding for our very important mission to honor America’s Heroes. Use your familiarity with how to complete grant applications to help us move our mission goals with additional funding or materials. 

Welcome Home Heroes Celebration at Buffalo Niagara International Airport: (Post Flight):

Make our veterans finally receive the welcome home experience they were denied when coming back from their time in the military!! Join the welcoming crowd of family and friends welcoming home their beloved veteran. Welcome Home signs are always welcome at this celebration. Bring your own family and friends with you. Some volunteers may be needed to assist the veterans to the buses waiting to take them back to the preflight location and for helping to gather up the BNHF travel wheelchairs for placement on the truck to take them back to the storage unit. (Information will be shared with BNHF volunteers, media and on Facebook as to approximate arrival time for this event).

Guardian (Separate process for applying required):

Sometimes there is a need to utilize our small independent group of trained guardians set to go on short notice when other guardians withdraw or veterans are not able to nominate their own. If current Buffalo-Niagara Honor Flight Volunteer applicants are okay with pre-qualification parameters and answer other questions about health and stamina successfully, they are then invited to Guardian Training.


(Also follow Guardian application process and write Medic on the volunteer form.) Use your medical skills to assist veterans on a BNHF trip. While the veterans are visiting their memorials they travel in a coach bus. Each bus has a nurse riding along to monitor the veterans as the day progresses, help with medication reminders, make sure the veterans stay hydrated and provide first aid when indicated. 

Mail Call:

Veterans receive a surprise package of mail while at the dinner banquet. The package is filled with mail from many sources including family and friends as well as service organizations and schoolchildren. Volunteers are needed to; create mail either individually or with a group, pick up mail from groups, help sort the mail into the packages and pack them to send ahead to the banquet facility.

Visit homebound veterans for virtual Honor Flight tour of Washington, DC:

This is a new initiative  to reach our underserved veterans. BNHF would like to honor the veterans who may not be able to go on a typical Buffalo Niagara Honor Flight.  We hope to create a special visit to a homebound veteran and share the video from Honor Flight Network for the virtual tour of the monuments. This visit may include organizing a driveby parade of BNHF volunteers, family and friends of the veteran. Mail Call cards and letters of thanks would be given to the veteran and SWAG from the BNHF flights will be provided. Creative individuals can make this visit be a truly amazing way to honor America’s heroes! 

Vietnam Veterans:

Help us make sure these underserved veterans feel appreciated. Thank you notes from schools, service clubs, and encouraging them to apply to be on an BNHF trip.

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts:

We’d love to have your troop join us for; Welcome Home event, Meet and Greet, Mail Call, and any other way to honor our veterans. The veterans really seem to enjoy the company of children who are interested in learning more about the veterans’ experience in the military! Invite a Board member to do a BNHF presentation for your troop!

Church Groups:

We’d love to have your group join us for; Welcome Home event, Meet and Greet, Mail Call, and any other way to honor our veterans! Invite a Board member to do a BNHF presentation for your group!

Choir Group:

Help us entertain our troops! We’d love to have your group perform at; Meet and Greet and the Sendoff and/or return to the airport! Patriotic music really gets the joyful enthusiasm raised up!

Senior Centers:

Board member to present at one of your meetings. Help us to reach veterans or the family members of veterans to encourage them to apply to fly with us! Encourage the Centers’ members to write Thank You notes or letters to the service men and women on our trips. Ask the members to attend the Welcome Home event at the airport and consider bringing signs welcoming home our heroes!

Sports Leagues:

Want to help veterans feel welcome? Write thank you notes/cards to them, attend the Welcome home event at the airport and consider bringing signs welcoming home our heroes!

Please complete the application by FILLING IT IN ON-LINE or downloading the PDF to print, fill out, and mail to PO Box 426, Clarence, NY 14031

Volunteer Application


Guardian Pre-Qualification Application


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